• Parish Minded Mission
    During the English reformation, the early Anglican reformers sought to retain much of its historic Catholic tradition while also implementing many of the reforms initiated by the early Protestants. One of the historic traditions that was retained by Anglicans was … Read more
  • Finding Rest
    Weaving through numerous contemporary news reports and research articles is the repetitive trope that the majority of Americans feel exhausted and are on the brink of burnout. At the dawn of the technological age many relished in the idea that … Read more
  • Lent?
    What is Lent? Lent is a 40 day season that begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes at Easter. The Book of Common Prayer starts the Ash Wednesday liturgy (hence begins Lent) with these helpful words: “The first Christians observed with … Read more
  • Why Liturgy
    All Anglican worship services are ‘liturgical’ (meaning that our services are structured, fairly traditional, with set forms, and are filled with ‘calls and responses’). Why do we go through all of this? Why do we use Liturgy in worship and … Read more
  • Values that shape how we go about our mission.
    As a new church plant we first and foremost focus on proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ—whose inexhaustible grace redeems us to walk in newness of life. As a Gospel-centered church, our mission is guided by three core values: rootedness, … Read more