We are a new Anglican church serving Franklin, Pennsylvania and the surrounding region.

First and foremost, we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ—whose inexhaustible grace redeems us to walk in newness of life. As a Gospel-centered church, our mission is guided by three core values: rootedness, restoration, and relationship.

  • Rootedness: Our teaching and worship are rooted in Scripture and the wisdom of the ancient Church, whose enduring traditions, rhythms, and practices point us to Christ and His Gospel.
  • Restoration: As we learn to rest in the Gospel of grace, we find the path to restoration as God heals us and transforms us by His boundless love. 
  • Relationship: Through the process of restoration, God equips us to grow in fellowship with other believers and empowers us to build relationships with our surrounding community through service and hospitality.

If you’re unfamiliar with Anglicanism, you can learn more about our tradition here, or better yet come worship with us on Sundays at 4pm.

Come celebrate the coming Christmastide with drinks, baked goods, and some singing as we read through the Christmas story.