Values that shape how we go about our mission.

As a new church plant we first and foremost focus on proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ—whose inexhaustible grace redeems us to walk in newness of life. As a Gospel-centered church, our mission is guided by three core values: rootedness, restoration, and relationship.

Rootedness: Our teaching and worship are rooted in Scripture and the wisdom of the ancient Church, whose enduring traditions, rhythms, and practices point us to Christ and His Gospel. We unequivocally believe Holy Scripture is the ultimate authority that dictates our doctrine and teaching. We also greatly value the rich wisdom passed down to us from the ancient Church, whose historic liturgy and practices center our attention on Christ, challenge our culturally influenced assumptions and self-focused ways, and draw us into something much greater than ourselves. As we participate in this liturgical tradition of worship—particularly through the intentional practices of prayer, absolution, Gospel proclamation, and the reception of the sacraments—we develop a deeper, life-shaping love for God and His Word, Church, and Kingdom.

Restoration: As we learn to rest in the Gospel of grace, we find the path to restoration as God heals us and transforms us by His boundless love. We invite all who are weary and heavy laden from personal, social or religious pressures and problems to come find true rest that only Christ can offer. Primarily through the proclamation of the Gospel, reception of the Sacraments, and grace-filled community, we encourage reconciliation to God by way of resting in the inexhaustible grace that is ours through the Gospel of Christ, which leads to personal and communal restoration.

Relationship: Through the process of restoration, God equips us to grow in fellowship with other believers and empowers us to build relationships with our surrounding community through service and hospitality. From fellowship meals in our homes to morning prayer at local coffee shops, we seek to provide opportunities for hospitality and discipleship within and beyond our congregation. We also pursue opportunities to come alongside community leaders and support their ongoing efforts outside the church to faithfully serve our region.